Pi Mu

Pi Mu was a non-secret society for earnest students of music.  This society was associated with the Progressive Music Series and the Saint Louis Institute of Music
(formerly the Progressive Series Teachers College).

The first chapters of Pi Mu were organized at a local level by:
Alpha of Colorado, at Canon City, April 24, 1926
Beta of Colorado, at Denver, April 24, 1926


The emblem of Pi Mu is a shield, upon which is emblazoned a lyre, most ancient of musical instruments, symbol of your desire to make the principles of music your own.  On the lyre is superimposed a torch, symbol of your willingness to let the torch of enlightenment flood the dark places of your own minds, and of your desire to help the gloom of ignorance wherever found.  On the lyre are also the letters: Pi and Mu.  Pi is the first letter of a Greek word, which spelled in English is: Paideia, meaning education; culture.  Mu is the first letter of a Greek word, which, spelled in English is Mousike meaning Musical.  So your Greek letters emphasize the idea of education in music.  The emblem as a whole links us with the beginnings of music in antiquity; the guard, a modern treble clef, links us with the present.

Information supplied here about Pi Mu was taken directly from the Handbook of Pi Mu published in 1939.

1939 Handbook of Pi Mu
Torch of Beauty Program July 26, 1952
Torch of Beauty Program October 24, 1954

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