Musical Fun Stuff

From Hal Gibbons, Director of the Denton Bach Society and choirs at UNT


Dominant - In a choral relationship, usually the alto.
Augmentation - Special surgery for altos involving the implantation of falsettos.
Score - Basses 3, Tenor 0.
Riff - What happens when someone takes your choir robe.
Contralto - An also who has been convicted.
Polychoral Motet - Six parrots singing "Exulatate Justi".
Aleatoric Music- Music composed by the random selection of pitches and rhythms. Frequently found in choir anthems.
Basso continuo - When the director can't get them to stop.
Glissando - What directly precedes the highest note of a descant.
Leitmotif - Like a regular motif, but less filling.
Polonaise - A condiment frequently put on a parrot sandwich.
Recapitulation - What usually happens after you eat a parrot sandwich.
Rondo - A popular sixties song, "Help, help me, Rondo".
Sectional harassment Lawsuit - What happens when the director suggests that the sopranos sing from their diaphragm.
Smorzando - The "All-You-Can-Eat" Buffet at Luciano's.
Grand Pause - When the conductor loses his place.
Perfect Pitch - Throwing a banjo in the dumpster without hitting the sides.
Cantus Firmus - A singer in good physical condition, as opposed to the "cantus phlabbious".
Antiphonal - Leaving your answering machine on all the time.
Concerto Grosso - An accordion concert.