E-mail from Dick Kauffman

From: Philip Berner
Subject: Dicks Greetings
Date: October 7, 2010
To: Wilma Utterman

Dick would like you to share this note with all the SLIMITES.

Again I'm sorry I will not be with you in person, but will be thinking of you with all the laughter and happiness during the gathering at SLIM. Also missing the latest news of what each are doing and not doing.

I think we gave up singing the Almamater. (SMILE)

I would like to know who came from out of town and who has attended every gathering.

My heartfelt thanks for your wonderful 93rd birthday greetings (August 7) and the cheerful get well cards after my fall (September 4th) and broken hip. Hip repair surgery was a complete success, but I am not able to walk because of arthritic knees and weak ankles. I am receiving excellent physical and occupation therapy. My goal is to walk the same distance as the Wright Brothers first flight. My father Benjamin Franklin knew the brothers quite well as they rode his interurban from Dayton to the harshman prairie where they were working on the plane. He did not think much of the brothers for they were serious and seldom smiled. He liked the sister more because when he spoke she was friendly, just the opposite of the brothers.

May your year ahead be filed with Gods blessings, love and peace as you plan another SLIM gathering.

Dick Kauffman
Class of 1939