One of the things that never ceases to amaze me about the Slimites is their obvious adoration of their school and profession and those associated with either. They have the best stories of their teachers, classmates, the school, Saint Louis, and other piano educators. This page is an attempt to record individuals who these Slimites feel connected to.

Beate Sirota Gordon

Beate Sirota Gordon

Beate Sirota Gordon is the daughter of Leo Sirota and Madam Sirota.
She wrote the book The Only Woman in the Room.

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Ruth Slenczynska

August 1978     October 1978

Ruth Slenczynska is a pianist of impeccable technique and considerable musical insight. In 1964 she accepted a full time position at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville as Artist-in-Residence, a title she retained until 1987.  SIUE is very close to Saint Louis, Missouri therefore alumni of the Institute had the opportunity to attend her performances and learn from her.  The above pictures were donated to this website by Mr. Joseph Kline.

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